We are in need of a replacement vehicle for the street ministry.  We have two vans, one holds all of the clothing, boots, etc., and the other van carries the food, water, backpacks and is used for food redistribution, area checks at night and weekends, and all of the other duties we perform. The clothing van  was donated to us a few years ago and is in pretty good shape.  The other van, pictured below, was also donated several years ago in excellent condition and has been worked hard. It has had multiple repairs over the years but needs to be replaced: repairs don't make financial sense any longer and we're not sure of the reliability from day to day. 




The van has approximately 265,000 miles on it and there are several known problems: faulty locks, ignition switch, multiple door issues, and seat belt concerns, among others. Likely, there are mechanical problems that need repair but have not yet shown themselves. We estimate that the van travels approximately 120 miles per week in the city of Eau Claire just for food redistribution. This is in addition to the street activity, jail visits, food bank visits, and donation collection, among other things. 


We are looking for financial donations for purchasing a reliable vehicle that has a similar capacity of the current van OR a donation of a reliable vehicle.  This is probably our most urgent of needs and we have been making repairs last for as long as possible. 

If you can help, please contact us.  For financial donations, checks can be made out to: 




PO Box 51

Eau Claire, WI 54702


 - OR - 


Both our website and Facebook pages have a button for donations that link into PayPal:





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