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Chippewa Valley Street Ministry​ Journal​, April 11 2017


Many of us had awaken to snow on the ground this morning, by the time we were in service on the street there was little to no indication that we'd had any snow at all. The air temperature was warmer than we'd expected as many volunteers came with warmer coats than perhaps were needed. The sun was bright and the skies were clear.  The volunteers this evening were Brent, Mariah, Jake, Barb, Joe, Chuck, Joe and myself.


One woman visited with Barb and Mariah for several minutes.  I learned later that she had some facial injuries that are typically suggestive of an assault but she reported a different injury. Regardless of what happened she was grateful to have a place to come and talk -- this is one of CVSM's biggest assets: providing a safe environment to share a story which is often the only thing they have.  She shared much of her personal history and current situation with Barb and Mariah.  She feels unsafe in her current living situation and the shelter is a good option for her.  She said she was going to talk with the staff the next day to see if anyone there would be able to help her find other living arrangements. 


I overheard a man talking with Chuck near the end of our visit.  I do not know specifically what they were discussing but I did hear the man refer to their conversation from last week and the man expressed gratitude multiple times for that interaction.  He is working and that his employer had openings for other workers; the man encouraged Chuck to share the information with others.


We dispersed a few items tonight, the weather gets chilly in the evening and after dark so we will keep hoodies, light coats, gloves and hats with us for a few more weeks and then transition to the warmer weather items. Our visitors are always very grateful for the food, the water and juice and any of the items they receive while in need.  Please remember, all of those items are because of you, our amazing network of support.  On behalf of those we serve, THANK YOU!


Please take a look at the needs list and if you are able to donate any of the items listed, we'd appreciate it. Looking at the weather forecast for the rest of the week, it looks like our friends will be subjected to quite a bit of rain so I'm adding umbrellas and rain gear to the list.


Have a wonderful week, please continue to pray and care for the people we serve.  Thank you!


  -Karen -- Street nurse

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