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Chippewa Valley Street Ministry Journal December 19, 2022

Greetings!  We hope this journal finds you all well, healthy and warm.  This area has recently had significant snowfall and while it is pretty, it provides challenges for all of us -- especially for our friends who are without permanent shelter. We encourage everyone in need to utilize the local shelter but there are some that are unable or unwilling to go and are trying to survive in the elements.  It is forecasted to get frigid which increases cold-related injuries.  We are in great need of warm winter boots. Please see our needs list for more details and other needs. 

As we drove from the church to our site downtown last week, we noticed many homes that are decorated for the holidays.  With it being dark at that time of day, the brightly lit Christmas trees and decorations are very clear and visible from the outside.  Families are making plans to get together and enjoy their days and the bountiful food that will be present.  It truly is a wonderful time of year and we don't begrudge anyone the enjoyment this time of year brings, but we do want to remind everyone that there are countless numbers of people in our community that will not be able to participate with families or enjoy the traditions of decorations or gifts. We were also reminded of this earlier in the month during the annual parade followed by fireworks.  Our brothers and sisters were not joyful, many were simply surviving. 


We spoke with a woman last week who needed to talk and needed to be heard.  She shared that she believes that many of the homeless population are getting restless and frustrated with the challenge of finding housing that is actually affordable.  She has a housing voucher but is struggling to find a landlord that will work with her due to her low income. She is strong and determined; she assured us that she would not give up. She added that many people do not have the persistence that she has and simply give up the idea of housing and are left to live day to day with no concrete plan for the future.

A person trying to stay warm - 12/04/2022.  Nowhere to go.

A visitor trying on boots during a visit with CVSM.  On the table are the supplemental food we provide each time we're out.  The bags are a critical provision to help with hunger. Sometimes, especially for people who work, these are a meal or their only meal during the day. We also provide water and Gatorade to help with hydration.  With the parks being closed, the availability of water is even less than usual. 

The homeless population is growing. This picture shows people waiting to get into the shelter for the night. We see several new people each visit and are giving out essentials for the cold weather.  Your help is essential to continue to keep our brothers and sisters safe.  Please review our needs list and consider a donation.

Blessings to you and your family.  May this holiday season wrap you in happiness, warmth and good health.  Thank you for your interest and support!

 -CVSM staff

*Chippewa Valley Street Ministry Needs List*

Thank you for considering a donation to CVSM, we rely on donations to support our homeless brothers and sisters. We're happy to accept new or gently used items that are in good repair: clean, working zippers, etc. are appreciated. Please contact us with questions.


Winter boots (no dress boots, please) - All sizes needed

Hoodies - sizes XL, 2XL, 3 XL,



Warm coats


Gas cards

Food/Grocery cards

Monetary donations


DONATIONS can be dropped off during their office hours of 8:30 - 12:30pm M-Th at:

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, 1120 Cedar Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703


Checks and/or gift cards can be mailed to:

Chippewa Valley Street Ministry, PO Box 51, Eau Claire, WI 54702


Please contact us with questions or other options for donations.

Thank you!


Chippewa Valley Street Ministry Request

Greetings!  Chippewa Valley Street Ministry operates and provides for our brothers and sisters by using donations alone. Please consider voting for us at: Markquart Gives Back and give us a chance at receiving $5,000!  Enter our name as your Favorite Organization. Thank you!

Markquart Gives Back
Markquart has been blessed by the support of great community, and we understand the importance of giving back to the many local organizations that help keep the Chippewa Valley strong. This year for Markquart Gives Back we’ve decided to let you, the community, help us select 10 organizations

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