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Have you thought about India lately? Honestly, I hadn't either.  I was looking through our Facebook page and took notice that we have a follower in India, a long way from Eau Claire, WI!   I found contact information and we have been communicating, I was given permission to share their story and pictures. The person I've been communicating with is involved in a street ministry there and while I don't have facts and figures of their work, I think the following pictures will say more than I can with words:

The Street Servants are campaigning for a program to increase the amount of solar power in India. Kerosene is primarily used for lighting in many areas that do not have any source of electricity.  


Here in the United States, we are blessed with abundance in most everything.  Still, right here in Eau Claire, we have people without basic needs.  Please help us in supporting those individuals and families and ease some of their burdens.  Pray for our brothers and sisters in need, our volunteers and for all who support the ministry.  And, finally, as our new friend from India requested, Pray for India!

​ And pray for the Street Servants and the people they serve.​


  -- Karen

​ - street nurse​

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