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Giving Tuesday - November 28, 2022

Today is Giving Tuesday, a "movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world." If you are able, please consider a donation to Chippewa Valley Street Ministry so that we can continue to provide care to our brothers and sisters living without permanent shelter.

We are purchasing food to supplement the usual items we provide. This comes at a significant cost to the street ministry. The hunger in the area, and especially this population, has increased and it is our responsibility to do what we can to help those in need.


Our current needs are:

Winter boots -- all sizes - in good repair, please
Sweatpants: L, XL, 2XL, and larger
Thermals - all sizes, tips and bottoms
Hand warmers
Grocery cards
Financial gifts


Donations can be brought to Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, 1120 Cedar Street, Eau Claire, WI 54793 during business hours: M-Th 9:30am- 12:30pm. Contact us for other options if those hours do not work.


Monetary donations can be mailed to:
Chippewa Valley Street Ministry
PO Box 51
Eau Claire, WI 54702


PayPal is accessible on our Facebook page and/or website for a secure transaction.

Thank you and blessings to all!

CVSM Staff


Chippewa Valley Street Ministry Journal November-06-2022

"I don't think I'll survive the winter." These words were spoken by a man we've gotten to know over the years. He's a veteran and struggles with mental illness and said that he hadn't had his medicine for four days as he needed to see his physician for refills. Because of his mental illness, this man is overwhelmed easily by crowds and cannot manage to stay in the shelter each night; he will find a place to hide outdoors some nights to stay away from people, noises, and stimulation. The evening we heard his concern, he was not feeling well and we encouraged him to seek help. We provided gloves, shoes and other essentials to keep him warm. He was emotional and gave a couple of us hugs -- hugs that came from his core and with a need for a human touch. We reminded him that we care about him and want him to be safe. As he packed up his belongings, he shed some more tears and thanked us for being his friend.

The statement above has been heard by other people, too. Most of them are a little older and have been out on the streets for a long time. They've lost hope for much else. They simply survive from day to day. They don't make plans beyond the here-and-now because it's simply too hard. Surviving isn't necessarily living. 

Prior to the Covid pandemic, we often shared hugs and handshakes. We changed our practices for everyone's safety and with the hug I received, I was reminded how isolated our brothers and sisters often feel and why our presence to simply listen is so important. Often, the homeless are categorized into a group. Like each of us, they each have unique needs and challenges which may put an individual at increased risk for their safety and for loneliness.  

The cold is coming. We've already provided many coats, thermals and some boots. Hoodies are regularly provided as are socks and underwear. If you are able to donate to help us keep our friends safe, please do so. 

"A shower, meal and bed for the night may be feeding the hungry and sheltering the poor, but it does not equal justice; nor does it assist people in rebuilding their lives. Only with the guarantee of a place to stay, an address and adequate food, can homeless people be expected to find suitable housing and work."

- Steve Vanderstaay
  "Yearning to Breathe Free"
  'Liberation Theologies in the U.S.'

CVSM Staff


Chippewa Valley Street Ministry Notes November 14,  2022

We are proud to partner with our local food bank, Feed My People. There is an increased need for food in our entire area, not just within the homeless population but also for housed individuals and families.  In this message, Feed My People director Suzanne Becker shares some valuable information for all of us to consider.  Please support FMP as much as possible, their work is essential. 

“We scrimp on groceries as much as we can. We look for extra jobs, keep the heat low. Sometimes I ask my  family for help. We’ve cut any extra expenses. My kids are small, so I hope they haven’t seen a huge impact. We try to hide it. Food makes the difference between being able to buy diapers and afford gas.”


This is an actual quote from a mom who came to our Pop-Up distribution last month. With inflation affecting us all, I have great respect for parents, who are going to great lengths to ensure their children have what they need but they can’t do it alone. The staff and volunteers at Feed My People are committed to doing whatever we can to fill the hunger gap for families.


In addition, we are hearing from our partners in rural areas that more and more small communities are starting to see homeless folks. They know people are sleeping in their fields or their woods – in places that are not safe. We know that when people start to see homeless folks, that there are so many more that are going unseen. Here in Eau Claire, we are grateful to partner with Chippewa Valley Street Ministry in serving our neighbors living on the street. Recently Pastor Mike said, “We try to be the voices for those who can’t stand up for themselves.” We at Feed My People strive to be part of this commitment. We know as the weather starts to change, the risk for our unhoused friends will only increase. We will work as a community to best serve our neighbors with the appropriate food for those without cooking facilities. These food bags are also being distributed through some of the schools since we know there are teens who do not have consistent housing or cooking facilities.


I could go on and on. Hunger exists in every corner of our community. Thank you, Chippewa Valley, for seeing those who struggle and working to lend a hand. It takes all of us.   


  -Suzanne Becker

   Executive Director, Feed My People





















As we approach the Holiday season that typically brings joyous feasts, please keep others who are not as fortunate in mind and donate as much as your able.  For more information on Feed My People, see their website at

Feed My People Food Bank ( 


Thank you for your interest and support!



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