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UPDATE:  October 22, 2017​

   Great news!  About a month ago we posted an urgent need of donations for a family that was in desperate need of housing due to exceeding the maximum days in a local shelter.  You collectively came through and because of your donations, we have been able to provide for the family's basic needs since then. During the last month we have been in frequent contact with them to ensure that not only were they safe  

but also that their needs were being met and that they were able to have access to the resources needed to move forward.

   We were in contact with an area housing agency to help in getting an application as well as completing it and returning it.  Last week the father signed a lease for housing! They should be moving into their permanent home at this writing.  The father is very aware that the care they received is directly from your support and he frequently makes comments of his gratitude. He continues to move forward with his work, the children are well and should thrive with their new housing. On behalf of the family and the street ministry, thank you! 





































































































September 18, 2017​


The Street Ministry is working with a family that has used up their time at a local shelter.  We are in need of your assistance to care for this family and prevent them from having to live in their car.


Included in the family are the father, his daughter (2 yrs old), his son (4 yrs old) and his son (9 yrs old). Dad works at a local restaurant and has been extremely active in trying to secure housing. A few weeks ago, he arrived to our site and excitedly told us that he had secured housing and would be safe and sound.  Since then, Dad has informed us that the housing had fallen through and they have no current options.  


The oldest boy is attending a local elementary, Dad is dedicated to the idea of keeping his son in the same school to provide stability.  Having to sleep in a car will not be conducive for his learning or for his or the other children's physical and psychological growth. 


We are scouring the area for affordable rentals, the family wants to rent and be self sufficient but they have found no viable locations at this time.  We have reached out to area agencies for help but have not had any success. Please consider a financial donation to the street ministry so that we can provide temporary shelter for this family in a local motel. Donation address and PayPal information is below. 


We are also asking for food cards and gas cards to keep this family upright while keeping them out of their car. 


(Photos used with permission)

For monetary donations: please make checks payable to  Chippewa Valley Street Ministry      

and send it to the following address :  


Chippewa Valley Street Ministry  

P.O. Box 51  

Eau Claire, WI 54702




For Paypal donations, please click on the "Donate" button on our Facebook page: 


or the "Donate" button on our webpage under the "How can I help" tab:


Thank you for your support of the Street Ministry and those we serve.  

Please contact us with questions. 

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